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Nothing is more satisfying than a job well done, but working with lovely people is our next favourite thing!  Have a peek at what our clients have to say about their experience with L'Atelier de LaFleur.

Below are videos produced by Lucy's Corsetry featuring our work. Lucy famously reviews corsets, creates educational videos on various topics relating to corsetry on her YouTube channel, in addition to being a wonderful corsetiere herself! We always recommend her channel to people of all different experience levels with corsetry; both her website and channel are a wealth of information for those looking to buy well and wear well. We're incredibly thrilled that she chose L'Atelier de LaFleur to review on her channel as well as featuring an interview with Mina and her LaFleur piece in a special on embellishment. She is an absolutely lovely woman and we strongly urge you to check out her links. We're positive you'll learn something new!


"I had an opportunity a couple years back to travel to China with my husband. While there, I had one thing on my mind, SILK!!! for corsets of course! I brought back four beautiful unique silks, for four corsets. I have only had one made so far, and went to the best corset maker I know. Mina I still can't thank you enough for your amazing work. I get comments still from all over the globe! It's truly breath-taking..."​

-Carolyn K.​


My entire experience ordering a corset from L'Atelier de LaFleur was easy and pleasant. From my very first inquiry, Mina was friendly and helpful and ALWAYS responded to me on a timely basis. With her help I was able to pick fabrics and materials that matched what I had in mind and to order the right size for my body without an in-person fitting. I ordered a pointed underbust corset and the product I received was beautiful beyond what I imagined - luxurious fabric in a gorgeous shape that fit my body like a glove. I really appreciate the quality of the stitching (nice and straight) and the finish on the ends of the laces. As an added bonus, Mina kept me up to date as my corset was being made, and I got my corset way ahead of schedule. I would absolutely do business with Mina and L'Atelier de LaFleur again. Thank you so much for a job well done. 

-Brittany T.

As a complete novice in the field of corsetry, I really did not know what to expect : I only knew that I was interested in waist training.


     What a delight and a happy surprise my whole experience with Mina was. One can tell a great deal about someone by their surroundings: Mina’s is beautiful, inviting and very welcoming, with tremendous attention to detail and music of a bygone era. We started with a good cup of tea ( having been born and raised in London, England, I know a good cup of tea when I have one! ) in addition to home-made cookies, which were delicious.


     To begin with, whilst Mina said an appointment typically lasts an hour, she generously spent much more time than that with me, at no additional charge; explaining all there is to know about corsetry as well as answering my many questions.


     The kind of work Mina does is, sadly, a dying art in today’s times. She is a perfectionist who takes pride in what she creates and pays acute attention to detail in that she takes the time to truly get acquainted with the personality and unique tastes/requirements of her clientele. I have had custom-fitted clothing made in the past. One of the many things that impressed me about Mina was that she was the first seamstress to detect a mild case of scoliosis on my part where my waist and hip sit higher on one side, for which she made allowances and which is only possible with bespoke work.


     As I said at the outset, I originally contacted Mina for the sole purpose of waist training but I gained so much more. My corset actually helps support my back. In fact, it was so comfortable, even with a tightening of two inches off my waist, that I wore it home! The best part of the whole experience was getting to know Mina herself: she is a gem and wise beyond her years. I will definitely be a return customer and highly recommend her services.

-Margot C.

"Mina is a lady in every sense of the word.  Collaborating with her was an absolute joy!  The gown that she created for me is one of my most prized possessions, and truly a work of art. I happily look forward to working with her in the future!"

-Tiffany D.


"I ordered two corsets at the same time from L'Atelier de LaFleur, because I had a design in mind already and then Mina posted a picture of a black-and-pink cherry blossom corset for another woman with a big hipspring and I knew I had to have one just like it.

The ordering, fabric selection and measurement process was smooth and easy, and when the mockup arrived my mind was blown. It fit like a second, better skin- I've ordered a lot of custom corsets, both with measurements by mail and in person (including Dark Garden), and nothing else has ever shaped me as smoothly, dramatically and beautifully as Mina's pattern cutting. I posted the pictures online and a quite famous corsetiere said she hoped the corset she was making me for me would fit as well as Mina's mockup (it didn't).

When the corsets arrived it was like a dream come true- the workwomanship is exquisite, the panels curving as smoothly as if the fabric had been woven into those shapes. If you are a girl with a big hipspring, you know how amazing it feels to have those lines lie perfectly along your curves. And they are SO pretty. Because I hate ribbon laces, Mina had even found a shiny lime green cord to lace my pastel corset. Now I need an overbust from L'Atelier de LaFleur..."
-Suzanne Forbes, Oakland, has commissioned 13 custom corsets and owns over three dozen corsets.

"As a first-time corset buyer, I wanted to invest in a corset that would shine on stage. Mina's counsel, expertise and beautiful finished product took my vision to the next level.  The detail and care she demonstrated - from ruffled garters to the magnificent contrast casings, to the delicate bows - it truly brought a smile to my face. I love it! I look forward to collaborating with Mina on future projects. "
-Susie Vavoom

"Hi Mina,


I just wanted to let you know that I received my cincher today. Thank you so much! It is completely gorgeous and it was packaged so beautifully. Your work is exquisite and you were amazing to work with. Honestly, the only negative thing is that my cincher is so comfortable that I have to restrain myself from lacing down more than an inch or two. The pictures were completely gorgeous and somehow the corset is even more amazing in person. It is a work of art and insanely comfortable and thank you so much for that."

-Kristine S.

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