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Below we have endeavored to answer the questions we hear most often, as well as things we feel are helpful to know.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Looking for more information on who we are and our experience?  Visit our About page.  Do you have a question we haven't answered here?  Feel free to email us!



Do you take bridal commissions?

Yes! I love to work personally with brides to create something truly special and unique. If you're looking for something all white though or without embellishment, I am probably not the ideal designer for you. I prefer to work with off-beat brides who love colour, contrast, texture, something that will be rewarding for us both.

There are so many off-the-rack corsets on the market; what sets yours apart?​

There are lots of great features our standard corsets have that the competitors don't.  Each of our pieces is made with the same fabrics, hardware and attention to detail that goes into our custom work.  Most of all, we think you'll be impressed with how beautifully they fit and shape your body.


How much of a waist reduction can I expect from your corsets?

Our corsets are intended for a reduction of 3" - 5."

What size should I order?

The measurements in our size chart are what you should order if you'd like your corset to close, or come very close to it.  If you wish to have a 2" gap at the back, go down one size.

What's all this business about "bone casings", "binding", "busk", "underbusk" ,"grommets", "coutil"? 

This jargon is fairly specific to corsetry, so it's understandable that it may not be familiar!  We've put together a Visual Glossary that we hope you'll find helpful.

What's the difference between your "standard sizes" and "bespoke" services?

Standard sized corsets come in a set range of sizes (which can be found here in our size chart).  They are made using the same construction methods and high quality materials as our bespoke pieces, from curvy patterns developed from many years of bespoke clientele. 

Bespoke services allow the customer to dictate the style, fabrics, and embellishment, with the benefit of a highly personalized fitting process, including a consultation and mock-up of the finished garment.  Bespoke is the epitome of luxury and is perfect for special occasion pieces, a very special gift for a loved one, or clients whose measurements are not accommodated by our standard line.  All overbust commissions are bespoke at this time.

As a reward for our returning bespoke clients, we offer standard pricing for additional corsets made from their existing pattern (provided it does not need alteration and a mock-up is not required).  ​​

Embellishments can be applied to any of the corsets we make!



Shipping & Taxes

Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  We're happy to ship to wherever you live, but do be aware that it may be expensive.  We ship via Canada Post's Expedited service which includes a tracking number, and insurance. These are calculated when we have received your shipping address and are not included in the pricing in our price list.  We do not ship with couriers such as FedEx or UPS at this time and will not ship a finished garment without tracking and insurance.

What about taxes?

Unless you are local to Ontario, Canada, you will not be charged taxes on your purchase.  Your country may charge you duty/VAT , which is the customer's responsibility.  These can vary widely, so we're unable to estimate them for you.  Ontario residents will be charged 13% HST.


I want to order a style/fabric that I don't see shown in your portfolio.  Is this a possibility?
We can only show a fraction of what fabrics and trims are available for custom orders due to the sheer volume of what we can source. We can often use a fabric you  provide if you fall in love with something we don't have access to, as long as it meets certain requirements and passes a swatch test with the corsetiere.

What do you have in stock?
All items are currently made to order.  We may offer ready-made items from time to time, in an "in stock" category.
How long will my order take?
Typical lead-time for an order is posted on the main page and varies by service. Projected lead times do not account for heavily embellished pieces, so do keep that in mind.  Should additional lead-time be required to fill orders, you will be notified at the time of ordering.  Lead time for custom orders varies with the amount of work required.  How quickly we can finish the final corset is somewhat dependent on timely communication and the speedy return of your toile.  For final garments, we use a fast, trackable shipping method that is guaranteed for 5 business days to most places.  Toiles are shipped via air mail. Brides should allow 6 months at minimum for a full bespoke bridal gown and/or corset.

What fabrics do you stock?
To reduce waste and conserve space, we typically do not carry a stock of fabrics and rely on our preferred local suppliers as much as possible. Of recent note, especially with brocades, some patterns or colour combinations become discontinued and the frustration caused by trying to source particularly Chinese silk brocades in recent years has made me reluctant to continue working with this material.

On the other hand, there are many additional silks that we have access to, but are too numerous to post them all.  Particularly with dupioni, the options are really limitless.  If you'd like to order a fabric not pictured on our site, it's best to send us your colour preferences in your initial inquiry, as well as the type of textures you like.

Terms & Payment Information

Prices and terms are subject to change without notice​​.

All items are guaranteed to be as outlined in our mutually agreed upon contract.  Should a defect be found upon receipt of your garment/item(s), you must contact us within 3 days of receipt and we will inform you of how to proceed. If it is our educated opinion that the item(s) has suffered undue wear, abuse, or tampering, it cannot be accepted as a return. Do not return items to us without prior contact, they will not be accepted. If the defect is our fault, we will gladly replace the item. The beauty of handmade garments is that the hands of the maker are visible in the result. I strive for immaculate results and pride myself on a high finishing standard, but I must acknowledge that as a mere mortal, perfection is not possible. By placing an order, you also appreciate this detail.

A deposit of at least 50% is required for us to begin work on standard garments/accessories, with the balance due two weeks after the date of consultation.  Other payment installment plans can sometimes be accommodated in special circumstances.   Custom orders require a 50% deposit, with the balance due at the mock-up stage.  No finished garments can be released to the customer until full payment has been made. Detailed consultations, either by email or in-person consultation require a $50 deposit in advance.

Payment can be made by cash in person, and via Square or PayPal for online customers.  Our PayPal email address is


Communication is very important for custom garments, especially when payments are separated into deposits.  If payment is owing after three months without contact from the customer, any previous deposits will be lost and the final garment becomes the property of L'Atelier de LaFleur.  Of course, this is not something we want to do; we want you to wear and enjoy your corset! Similarly, it is the client's responsibility to maintain contact with us regarding mock-ups, and appointments for which a deposit has been made. If the client withholds their mock-up for longer than three months without contacting us, the  project is considered neglected and the deposit will be lost as the time allotted for the order has passed. We schedule things carefully to avoid overbooking projects, and when time slots are abused by a client, it causes lost business from others who could have taken advantage of the slot. For the project to be reinstated (at our discretion), additional cost will be incurred. We reserve the right to decline to reinstate neglected projects where communication has been poor on an ongoing basis. Deposits for projects not followed-up on after a three month period will also be considered neglected and the deposit and time slot are forfeited.


By placing an order with L'Atelier de LaFleur, you agree that you have read and agree to these terms.


The above terms are not exhaustive and you and I will both sign a contract at the beginning of your order to outline the specifics of the fulfillment of the order, as well as expectations of what the client/designer relationship entails.



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