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We want you to be informed about your corset purchase, even if you choose not to order from us. We firmly believe that the best customer is an educated one! We’re confident that our corsets will exceed what you’ve come to expect, especially from off-the-rack. Here are some things to look for when considering a corset:

Busk closure: The closure at the front of the corset should have a heavy duty hook and stud system that is riveted to steel boning.


Underbusk: Some corsets will have a flap of fabric under the busk for modesty.  Ours do double duty as they are boned for extra support.

Steel boning: All of our corsets are double boned on each seam with a combination of ¼” spiral and flat steel bones. 

Hand-made bias binding:  We’re proud to say our corsets all feature bias binding that is cut, pressed and finished by hand.  We never use ribbon or mass manufactured binding that can buckle.  It will always match your corset perfectly!

Sturdy grommets:  How many times your corset will be laced and unlaced is all up to you, but if you’re wearing the right size, those grommets (the metal lacing holes) will be under a fair bit of strain.  Look for grommets that have a smooth roll against the washer on the inside.  They should be set snugly between two steel bones to prevent pulling through the fabric or coming lose.  A smooth roll instead of the type that have a banana peel effect will make your lacing last longer.  The grommets should also be set about an inch apart.  Some of this is aesthetic, but more grommets prevent the lacing from slipping while you’re lacing in.  We also think it looks nicer


Natural fibre lining:  Coutil, a cotton fabric with a tight herringbone weave, has become the standard for high-end corsets, and for good reason.  It’s strong, breathes well, and holds its shape over time.  An additional loose lining of cotton or silk can also be added for an interior free of stitching.


Proper cutting:  We’re pretty fussy about making sure everything is cut precisely on grain.  It’s hard to spot if you’re shopping off-the-rack, but look closely and if you try the corset on and it skews or twists, the chances are good that something has been cut off grain.  Some folks have enough asymmetry in their bodies that this will happen even with a properly cut garment, in which case custom is the better route for them.

Excellent drafting:  A well fitted corset, even if it’s off the rack, will only compress you where it’s most comfortable (say, at your side waist, rather than your poor ribs).  Our standard sizes come from over ten years of making made-to-measure corsets and the result is comfy corsets that are still gorgeously curvy.

Pattern matching at the center front:  Some companies charge extra for matching brocades at the center front.  We don’t like how it looks otherwise, so it’s our standard!  It’s a little thing that makes all the difference.


Need some visuals to make sense of all this jargon?  Our visual glossary can clear things up!

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