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We excel at colour matching with silks and the possibilities we can achieve are limited only by imagination.  Please visit our gallery and style sections for fabric inspiration. 

Due to the changing availability of brocade patterns and dupioni colourways, we prefer to have you choose fabric via inquiry.  For many years our corsetiere has worked with clients to find the perfect fabric from their description and inspiration images.  Any fabrics in the gallery below are ones we have currently in stock, or are readily available.  Enlarge the image to see a description and additional colour options.

​Natural fibres are preferred, and clients may provide their own fabric with the stipulation that a swatch must be tested for suitability.  Fabrics we often use include silk dupioni, peau de soie, and brocade.  Visit the ​gallery for inspiration, or to learn more about the texture and appearance of these fabrics, check out our visual glossary.

As ever, your monitor may display colours differently than ours.  We do our best to present them as accurately as possible, but clients concerned with colour matching should order a swatch once a deposit has been made, or send one through the mail for us to match.

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