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The Arboresque Collection

Aboresque invites you to explore an enchanting liaison between nature and couture corsetry. Each corset evokes a different mood inspired by the beauty of the trees they represent. Beams of glittering light shining through sun-dappled leaves, the crisp and seductive smell of autumn, the gentle swaying of willow branches on the perfect day. These corsets set the scene of your very own fairytale.

Much of the spirit of this artistic collection stems from the name, Arboresque; tree-like. The focus is to push my own limits as an artist and corsetiere, and to create as much by hand to achieve that vision as possible. Each leaf a unique piece, made and applied by hand makes every corset designed for this limited collection one of a kind.

The corset designs will be released in a gradual unfolding and I hope you'll join me in enjoying the deliciousness of the process. I truly appreciate you being here and your interest in what I'm creating with this collection.

Bur Oak

Willow studio shot with crown front wm.j

Weeping Willow

Sunny Maple
In Progress

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