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Sunny Maple

The spark of inspiration for the Arboresque Collection, Sunny Maple whisks you away to a stroll on a balmy summer's afternoon where the sun is still high enough to filter through the canopy of maple leaves in bursts of light.

Iridescent pearls of gold and green, reminiscent of maple buds nestle in the lush green layers of hand-made leaves, each one of a kind.  Shine as bright and beautiful as the sun at golden hour with dazzling faceted crystal in carefully chosen colours, placed with care.

Paired with this corset is a stunning headpiece of gilded leaves, topped with finials of sparkling crystal, and matching jewellery. Each leaf is meticulously sculpted and tinted for depth that can be admired even from a distance.

The Sunny Maple leaf halo is available now for special order, with the corset coming in early 2020.

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