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Lucy's Corsetry -Website- -YouTube Channel-

Lucy is a wealth of knowledge on corsetry from a science and health standpoint, her own practical experience in tightlacing and waist training, as well as from her work as an accomplished corsetiere. We always highly recommend her videos to anyone interested in corsets. We're sure you'll learn something new!

Red Herring - A Professional Distraction
Burlesque performer, model and actress Red Herring. This fellow redhead can be found modelling our corsets on our site and on the stage!

Angela McConnell Photography
New Zealand born photographer Angela McConnell now hails from Toronto, Ontario.  Her work is brilliant and you can find some of her images on our site.

Dale Simmons Photography
Dale's images are versatile and he's lovely to work with.  See some of his images in our galleries!



Mina LaFleur

The burlesque and pin-up site of your proprietress, Mina LaFleur.

Shaun Meeks
Website for our co-owner, author Shaun Meeks

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