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*Commissions for 2021 are now closed, please get in touch to book for Spring/Summer 2022. These commissions will be using toiles via the mail and Skype fittings only. Much of the information below describes the process during "normal" times, however in person services are unfortunately not practical or safe during this time. I look forward to a time I can welcome you back soon.*

If you are local to, or are visiting the Toronto area, Mina would be happy to discuss your corset needs and desires with you over a cup of tea.  Appointments are generally made via email and swatches will be prepared as necessary based on email correspondence.  Below is a bit more about the process and our terms for in-person meetings.

First, we'd love it if you would send us an inquiry regarding your desired order that is detailed and possibly even includes pictures to aide your description.  Due to the high demand for detailed consultations, both in-person meetings and detailed email quotes require a $50 deposit to be made in advance via PayPal.  This amount is then applied to your order should you decide to proceed.  This deposit is non-refundable.  Fabric swatches, if necessary, are prepared for your approval at your consultation, and we are happy to colour match other fabrics where possible. Any inspiration images, daydreamy doodles, and materials are most welcome at your consultation, so please do bring anything that inspires you about the piece you've dreamed up! Generally speaking, fittings and consultations are available between 7pm and 10pm, Monday through Thursday, though we can occasionally make exceptions. Regrettably, appointments prior to 3pm are not possible.

Next, Mina will greet you, offer you some tea, and together you will discuss the details of your order.  Detailed measurements are also usually done at this meeting if the order is being finalized, and the first deposit of the order total is paid (30% for couture orders, 50% for other garments).  If you're ordering a fully custom garment, a date will then be set for the first fitting (many garments can be successfully fit with one toile, but additional fittings maybe be required).  Consultations average one to one and a half hours. Bespoke orders require a contract to be signed at our first meeting to make sure the details, timeline, and payment are all agreed upon.

At your first fitting, Mina will assess the fit of your toile (a mock-up of your corset made of boned plain canvas).  Once both you and Mina are satisfied with the documented changes to be made, if any, the second half of the deposit is made and work on the final garment can proceed and a date is set for the final pick-up appointment.  These appointments are generally shorter, lasting a half hour on average.

Pick-up appointments are joyous occasions where you'll want to try on your new piece and gaze into the mirror for the first time!  Mina will talk with you about basic wear and care, as well as any other questions you may have.  You'll leave with a smile on your face and the process is complete!

Studio Etiquette

Please review our etiquette policies for visiting with us in the studio, which is also our home.  Much of this will no doubt be common knowledge and basic courtesy to most well-mannered individuals, but some are important details.

​Please arrive as close to on time as you're able.  In our carefully structured schedule for consultations, too early can be as problematic as too late.  If either situation does arise, please let us know as soon as possible by phone.  Depending on other scheduled appointments, we may not be able to see you if you are more than 30 minutes past your booked appointment time.  If you are more than 30 minutes past your appointment time and we are not informed, your appointment will be considered neglected and a cancellation fee of $25 will be applied to your future order.

Good hygiene is very much appreciated when fitting garments such as these.  No need to apply perfume on our account though, a simple shower with soap and deodorant will do! 

Please wear or bring a thin, close-fitting camisole to measure over.  Sometimes measurements will be taken next to skin if the corset is to be worn that way.  It is also of benefit to have an excellently fitted bra and/or any other relevant undergarments to wear that may affect the final fit of your garment. Bulky clothing such as jeans, or pants that dig into the hips and abdomen (such as jeans) are not recommended for good measurements.

Families and friends are wonderful, but your consultation/fitting is not the place to enjoy them.  It is our experience that extra guests at a fitting can not only distract attention from the client, but worse, can sometimes inspire doubt in the client regarding her choices.  This is a moment all about you!

Our tools, in-progress works and other studio equipment are really neat.  Please be respectful of the space at all times by not touching things we use for our livelihood unless invited to.

Remote Fittings

Mina has been fitting clients remotely through the mail with excellent results for the past fifteen years.  You'll be provided with detailed instructions for measuring, which we recommend be taken by a tailor or dressmaker local to you for the most accurate measurements possible.  Your pattern is then meticulously drafted using a formula that is the result of many years of fitting experience.  Your toile is mailed to you to assess the fit and style lines, and you'll send it back with your markings for changes, as well as notes and pictures from every angle for us to assess.  Work can then begin on your corset!​​




At this time, we are able to accept Canadian currency, PayPal, and Visa or Mastercard through Square for payments the day of a consultation or fitting. Typically, a 50% deposit is required for work to begin, however larger orders may be split into up to four payments. Payment in full is required for work on any project to be completed and garments are not released without full payment prior to the pick-up date.

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