Clients who are not able visit the studio for a personal fitting can still get an excelling fit through our comprehensive list of measurements.  It's crucial to take careful measurements to ensure the best fit possible for your corset.  While it's best to visit a tailor to have measurements taken, an attentive and helpful friend can do in a pinch.  Take measurements twice to ensure accuracy, rounding to the nearest quarter inch.  Please make your measurements in inches.  Do not exaggerate measurements by pulling the tape too tight or allowing slack.  Doing so will result in a poorly fitting corset.

You know your body best; you may want to avoid taking these measurements after a full meal, or during times of water retention, however it may be of benefit to measure toward the middle to end of the day rather than when you're first waking up when we tend to be smallest. Consider when you will be lacing in and under what circumstances.

Please also send us five pictures of your torso from the front, side front, side, side back, and back in a fitted camisole/tank/bra to help the corsetiere further assess any fit issues.  It also helps to have your waist line marked in the pictures as you do for the measurements.  We will never share your pictures with anyone, and you may crop them so only your torso is visible.  Pictures can be sent to our email.​ Along with your pictures, you may also send any additional fit concerns. 

Ready to get started?  Fantastic!  Grab your partner, a flexible cloth measuring tape, and a length of yarn or narrow elastic and we'll get to measuring.  Start by wearing your best-fitting supportive and unpadded bra, especially if you'll be ordering an overbust.  Wearing a tight camisole or tank top will also help with the horizontal "front" measurements, where you'll use the side seams as your guide.  Next, tie a length of yarn/elastic around your natural waist.  It needn't be terribly tight, but you'll want to make sure it doesn't shift around and skew your vertical measurements.  Make sure the tape is level at all times (or as much as is possible in the case of "above bust") and double check your work!  Stand straight, but not unnaturally so.  Slouching is a no-no.  No sucking in!

"Front" measurements are not pictured separately in the diagrams as they are simply the front half of the circumference measurements.  These help in perfecting fit by taking into account the distribution of inches between the front and back halves of the body.

If anything is unclear, we are always happy to help.  It's important to us that you get the best fit possible.


Fill out a measurement form


Horizontal Measurements

  1. Bust

  2. Underbust

  3. Natural Waist

  4. Desired Waist

  5. Abdomen (3 inches below waist)

  6. High Hip (5 inches below waist)

  7. Front Bust

  8. Front Underbust

  9. Front Abdomen

  10. Front High Hip

Vertical Measurements

  11. Underbust to waist

  12.a) Bust to waist straight* (for overbusts only)

  12.b) Bust to waist following the bust curve* (for overbusts only)

  13. Top of corset to waist at centre front

  14. Top of corset to waist at side front

  15. Top of corset to waist at side

  16. Waist to corset bottom at centre front

  17. Waist to corset bottom at side front

  18. Waist to corset bottom at side

For Overbusts Only

  19. Bra size

  20.Bust point to centre of chest

  21. Bust point to side of bust (where an underwire would sit)

  22. Bust point to bust point

  23. Above Bust

Additionally, our corsets are generally meant to lace close at the measurements you provide. Please indicate if you would like a gap of up to 2 inches to be included in your pattern.

For asymmetrical clients, please take additional torso photos showing side fronts, sides, and side backs of the left side and right side of your body. Please have someone take your photos rather than taking them in the mirror as it can get confusing. Document any areas that need special attention and include notes in your measurement email. The more information I have, the better the first pattern will be! I will also need a separate set of the above measurements for the left and right sides of your body.

Thank you for taking the time to measure carefully, send all of your pictures, and details. The tedious part is over, so go have a cup of tea! You've earned it!